Welcome to the Cycling Irelands Club Self-Assessment System. We are delighted to launch this brand new system and toolkit to support all our member cycling clubs.

So what is it? It is: 

  • Your cycling club’s own personalized self-assessment toolkit and club development plan.
  • An online managed club based system.
  • Compatible on a smartphone, tablet and PC.
  • 9 sections to be completed at your own pace.
  • Multiple choice answers, one answer per question.
  • Clean design & easy to use.
  • Generates unique feedback and resources for each question that you answer.
  • Generates a detailed club action plan/report & editable action plan.

This new system is our support to developing your cycling club and not accrediting.

The more honest you are when answering each question the better, and the more relevant the information you will get back.


It will allow your cycling club to:

  • Identify your cycling club development needs for the next 1, 3, 5 years.
  • Make improvements you want as a club using the resources and plan provided.
  • Plan for the next 1,3,5, years.
  • Develop your club - supported by Cycling Ireland.
  • Do it in your time.
  • Do it at your pace.