How does it work?

Once you register your cycling clubs details you will be able to access the Cycling Ireland Club Self-Assessment Tool Kit system.

From here you will answer questions on 9 key sections about your cycling club.

The questions are all multiple choice answers with some free text.

Once completed you will be supplied with specific feedback report, toolkits, guides and links based on your responses.

You will be emailed a copy of the report along with an editable action plan linked to your responses.

This will allow your cycling club committee to make strategic decisions and plan for the clubs future.

You and your club can run another self-assessment report further down the line to measure against previous results and see how things have changed in the cycling club.

The Cycling Ireland Club Self-Assessment system is designed to provide your cycling club an opportunity to self-assess and then act upon results in your own timescales supported by Cycling Ireland .

We do recommend completing this self-assessment as a committee/board to get the best overview of your cycling club.


The benefits of using our club self-assessment toolkit and system:

  • Provides your committee with an instant overview of the cycling club.

  • Provides your cycling club committee with a unique feedback report from Cycling Ireland.

  • Provides your cycling club with relevant toolkits, guides & links to help you.

  • Provides your cycling club with a live editable club development action plan document.

  • Supports the cycling club in making key strategic decisions.

  • Provides your cycling club with a report in XLS and as a PDF.

  • Allows your cycling club committee to review progress against historical results.

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